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Willyn Webb, M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor, N.C.C.

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Fasionably Pure

The movement to bring back purity. Read about all of the happy, successful, popular, and pure people. It is cool to be in control and living according to God's design. Share you story and inspire others.


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"Lisa Nielsen and Willyn Webb's TEACHING GENERATION TEXT, looking at breaking the ban that exists in today's schools and bridging the digital divide with the most ubiquitous and overlooked learning device in American household; covering policy to parent permission, discipline to classroom management, and featuring lesson plans and research-based teaching strategies, providing everything educators need to harness the power of cells, to Kate Bradford at Jossey-Bass, by Rita Rosenkranz"

Publishers Lunch, 3-7-11


NY Times School Book

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Click Here to read the article, "Cellphones: Why Not Use Them to Teach?" by Lisa Nielsen and Willyn Webb

About Willyn...

Willyn Webb continues to be on the pulse of what is innovative, effective, and motivational in education. A pioneer in bringing the language and interventions of solution-focused brief therapy to the classroom in that late 90s, Willyn now brings cell phones with her latest work, “Teaching Generation Text.” By harnessing the power of cell phones as educational tools, educators will utilize a free piece of technology and meet students in their world with their  communication method of choice.

After being a popular workshop presenter and speaker with her Solutioning books, Willyn took a hiatus from travel while focusing on her young family of three girls, writing children’s books and plays, and operating a part-time private counseling practice. Willyn became well-known for her “Story Time” workshops featuring, “Baby, the Poodle Cow Dog” motivating students to write and follow their dreams whether they look the part or not. Contact Willyn for information on her upcoming video of "Baby," available free to classrooms with a scheduled Skype meet the author appearance!

When her youngest daughter entered school, Willyn returned to her first love, public education as the developer of an Opportunity High School offering alternative, individualized education in conjunction with licensed counseling and counseling support groups, with an emphasis on service learning.

In her sixth year at Delta Opportunity School and with children a little older, Willyn is once again making herself available to districts and conferences, especially in empowering educators to utilize cell phones for educational purposes. There is a wealth of free technologies and web supported tools to be had with cell phones. Not only are students motivated to use their phones, but in need of seeing all of the educational purposes in preparing for 21st century learning and careers.

Whereas Willyn brought positive interactions and a forward focused approach to education with Solutioning, she once again is available with the means to make the classroom more positive by stopping the fight over cell phones and instead using them to assist student learning.

 Also, contact Willyn for scheduling a workshop, training, or speaking engagement.  Check out the latest with cell phones in education at the Teaching Generation Text blog at http://teachinggenerationtext.blogspot.com/

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