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Teaching Generation Text

Teaching Generation Text: Using Cell Phones to Enhance Learning

ISBN: 978-1-1180-7687-3
272 pages
October 2011, Jossey-Bass
by Lisa Nielsen & Willyn Webb
Cost: $22.95

Teaching Generation Text shows how teachers can turn cell phones into an educational opportunity instead of an annoying distraction.  With a host of innovative ideas, activities, lessons, and strategies, Nielsen and Webb offer a unique way to use student’s preferred method of communication in the classroom. Cell phones can remind students to study, serve as a way to take notes, provide instant, on-demand answers and research, be a great vehicle for home-school connection, and record and capture oral reports or responses to polls and quizzes, all of which can be used to enhance lesson plans and increase motivation.

  • Offers tactics for teachers to help their students integrate digital technology with their studies

  • Filled with research-based ideas and strategies for using a cell phone to enhance learning.

Provides methods for incorporating cell phones into instruction with a unit planning guide and lesson plan ideas

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Teaching Generation Text
Mesa State College Online Class

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Baby, the Poodle Cow Dog
by Willyn Webb

Cost: $13.95

Have you ever felt too little, too afraid, or too out-of-place to even try? Willy Webb brings us the true, overcoming-all-obstacles, success story of her daughter "Skylyn" and their tiny poodle "Baby." Together they get themselves ready and go on the annual fall roundup. All but one of the ranch's real cow dogs snub Baby because she's the wrong breed. The ranch hands see Skylyn as too young and a girl. However, both little cowgirl and poodle prove their worth, and Baby, the Poodle, becomes Baby, the poodle cow dog. Readers are inspired by this unlikely success story and learn that anything is possible with faith, determination, and a bit of hard work.

Discounted book pricing for story times and book signing events! Contact Willyn.

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Western Reflections Publishing Company









Life 101
by Willyn Webb

Cost: $5.00

Audiences of all ages will laugh, identify and grow along with Jesus in the hilarious classroom in the clouds where he prepares for his time on Earth. From preschool through high school, it's a heavenly cram session full of lessons in life! After a touching father son conversation, Jesus enters preschool, where he interacts with Old Testament figures for instruction on helping, sharing and the buddy system. In elementary school, Jesus learns about following instructions, praying and obeying. In middle school, fashion and fun rule the school, but lessons in suffering, forgiveness and trusth make a huge impact. Finally, Jesus moves on to high school, where his preparations include experience with temptation, sacrifice and faithfulness. The motivational graduation sends Jesus off to his birth on Earth and the audience home full of joy and a solid review of Biblical characters and the life lessons they illustrate. Never preachy and always lighthearted and entertaining, this play is perfect for Christmas or any time of year!

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Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.






The Educator's Guide to Solutioning
by Willyn Webb

Cost: $38.95

Turn your classroom climate around with the simple language of Solutioning. The 4-P Process shows the reader how to be a solution-focused educator, creating students who control their own choices and behaviors. Within each chapter the reader will find language lessons, practice scenarios, conversation worksheets, student worksheets, and many immediately usable ideas.

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Corwin Press



Solution-Focused Interventions for Counselors
by Willyn Webb

Cost: $47.50

Are you tired of having to compromise your philosophy of counseling to fit the world of managed care? Are you trying to save time while creating a hopeful atmosphere for your clients? Are you looking for more effective ways to encourage responsibility, raise self-esteem and develop life-long abilities in your clients?

This book offers a new strategy for any helping professional who answered "yes" to the above questions. Based on Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, the 4-P Solutioning process provides therapists with key methods to end blaming, encourage responsibility, and empower clients to find and use solutions.

Solutioning is not an all-encompassing theory that requires a radical change in philosophy, but a language that promotes growth, change, and flexibility. It encourages the practitioner to blend tried-and-true techniques with the solutioning attitude and supplementary interventions, allowing the efficiency necessary for managed care survival. This book provides therapists with: The language of the 4-Ps, taught using easily accessible practice sheets; skill highlights which focus on pre-existing skills that can be given a solutioning slant; solutioning applications that illustrate how particular interventions apply to common mental health issues; intakes, treatment plans, progress notes, and many other usable tools, along with specific adaptations for family, couple, and play therapy.

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Taylor & Francis Group




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